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  • Sun, 22:06: RT @kevingchristy: Dress as a ref for Halloween. When the first person passes out from drinking too much stand over them and yell "first ...
  • Sun, 22:06: RT @TeaPartyCat: Mitt Romney: "Obama doubled the deficit. It was $1.3 trillion when he came in, and it's $1.1 trillion now. It's just math."
  • Mon, 04:37: I think it's time to find my external hard drive and boot up some "Are You Being Served?" I feel like watching some old British comedy.
  • Mon, 05:46: For the first time in 3 years (and two xboxes) I got my windows media center up and running. I can watch my shows on my tv! Yay!
  • Mon, 09:09: RT @FUN: Condoms: Because that 2 girls you banged have banged 17 guys that banged 299 girls that banged 1,012 guys that banged 8,023 girls.
  • Mon, 09:45: RT @apapineau: Just saw a foodtruck called the "Grillenium Falcon." #nerdmoment
  • Mon, 10:20: RT @AnaKasparian: Wow: Arkansas State Rep: Slavery 'May Actually Have Been a Blessing in Disguise' for Blacks - @Gawker http://t.co/7nSQCs0l
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