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Taken from coldlikesnow

-First name: Lori
-Hair Color: Dark Blonde/Almost, but not quite Brown
-Sex: Female
-Sexual Preference: Guys... Not necessarily tall, but dark hair and eyes.
-Shoe size: Men's 10 1/2 to 11

***Food and Drink***
-Soda: Diet Pepsi/Root Beer
-Alcohol: I don't drink
-Snack: Baked Lays
-Restaurant: El Fuente/Pizza Hut
-Fast Food Place: McDonalds/KFC

-Best Female Friend: Either Sara or Nikki
-Best Male Friend: At the moment, its a toss up between Stephen, Matt, and Brian
-Siblings: Wade
-First Kiss: Daniel... I think.
-Crush: I don't remember that far back. Don't care really because I love Stephen.

***What's a Good (in a lover)***
-Penis size: -blushes- Dunno really.
-Breast size: Manly Man-brests (i.e. muscular!)
-Hair Color: Dark
-Amount of piercings: ANY! I think they're hot.
-Height: Something close to mine. Stephen's a bit short, but its okay.

-How many people have you had sex with: 1
-When was the last time you had sex: Saturday night
-Do you want to have sex right now: No.
-Have you ever done a sexual act with a member of the same sex? No
-Do you masturbate?: -laughs- Should I really answer?

-Pop Singer: Pink maybe.
-Rapper: -shrugs- Eminem
-80's band: Billy Idol/ AC/DC (Though since they're still rockin' they're technically not 80's)
-90's band: Many, many bands... Aerosmith/Nickeback/Puddle of Mudd
-New band/artist: Clay Atkin/Evanescence

-Action Movie: Terminator 2/Robocop
-Comedy Movie: Rush Hour!
-Suspense Movie: Dunno really.
-Movie Series: Star Wars/Harry Potter/LOTR/Bond
-Drama Movie: Gone With The Wind

-Favorite Actor: Sean Connery/Will Smith/Patrick Stewart
-Second Favorite Actor: Orlando Bloom/Ewan McGregor/Tommy Lee Jones
-New Actor: Daniel Radcliffe/Rupert Grint
-Old School Actor: John Wayne
-Supporting Actor: Liam Neeson

-Favorite Actress: Halle Berry
-Second Favorite Actress: Natalie Portman
-New Actress: Emma Watson
-Old School Actress: Elizabeth Taylor
-Supporting Actress: Carrie Fisher/Anna Paquin

-Rap Song: Without Me -- Eminem
-Pop Song: Jaded -- Aerosmith (Yes, this one technically is pop)
-80's Song: Sweet Sixteen -- Billy Idol
-New Song: That new one by Puddle of Mudd... Figure You Out?
-Rock Song: Back in Black -- AC/DC

-This wasn't too long was it?: Nah...
-Just the right amount, right?: Needs a few more for clarity.
-Who will steal this from you and do it, just like you did to someone else: Not sure really.
-What time is it: 8:11 p.m.
-How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?: ^_^ I prefer coldlikesnow's answer... "The amount of chuckable wood by liter volume is inversely proportional to the mass of said marmot in kilograms divided by the length of its teeth in centimeters." My brain would not think up a good one for here.

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