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My "To-Do" List... [As of 01/21/04]

1. Get book
2. Read Chapter 1
3. Read Chapter 2
4. Email Dr. Huggins because I forgot to give her a sheet of paper for roll

Micro Lab
1. Get notes from McGreggors
2. Make up Lab on Thursday

1. Get book
2. Read Chapter 1 (Kinda did anyway)

Urine & Body Fluids Analysis (U&BF)
1. Get book
2. Get notes
3. Turn in honor code/drug forms
4. Do the AVOnline Computer Project
5. Do first journal report
6. Do the other journal reports

Anatomy & Physiology (A&P)
1. Get book
2. Read Chapter 1
3. Read Chapter 2
4. Read Chapter 3

A&P Lab
1. Not sure yet, haven't been there.

1. Put notes in different notebooks
2. Quit using the same (1) notebook for all classes
3. Work on flash cards (maybe)
4. Print off online reviews and work on them

And then, or course, anything else that I might have forgotten...




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