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It got down really low Sunday night and that caused the water in my overflow tank to freeze. I had almost no antifreeze in it and it caused a leak in my radiator to turn into a rather large crack. Stephen & I thought we had it sealed up, but I got to school again today and it sprung another leak. -sigh- We've got so much antifreeze in it that I'm just not gonna worry about it tonight. Tomorrow afternoon, prolly about lunchtime, I'm gonna go run the rest of the stuff we got to seal the crack up through the engine. This is just a temporary fix until we can get a new(er) radiator (which we did find a used one that's guaranteed not to leak for less than just buying a piece of my radiator brand new).

I was pretty upset Monday. I cried all day and cursed at everyone. Pissed Stephen off and he almost didn't help me. Thankfully, he did though so everything seems okay now. I was pretty awful to him on the phone because I was so upset. I skipped class and work today so that we could go searching for parts and/or someone who might could just weld the crack. If all else fails, Stephen says he's prolly gonna just do it himself.

Anyways... I've been working on a new webpage. [HERE] Something I'm doing in my spare time to keep myself busy until the work gets piled on top of me. -sigh- The joys of College...


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