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  • Wed, 04:12: RT @CaptainSparklez: Ever since Star Tours got set up at Disneyland I had a feeling some sort of resurrection was imminent. NBD, I'm cle ...
  • Wed, 04:16: RT @MattBesser: The Jersey Shore house survived Hurricane Sandy proving once again that there is no God. #chalkoneup4atheists #Tebow
  • Wed, 04:17: RT @DMZilla: Parents are on the west side of NY, but called anyway to make sure they are okay. My mom went on for five minutes about her ...
  • Wed, 04:17: RT @billmaher: Looking forward to James Bond movie; Obama's like him cuz he's cool, has license to kill; and Mitt's like him cuz he's be ...
  • Wed, 04:23: RT @hurricannesandy: STAY IN DOORS EVERYONE, HURRICANE SANDY IS NO JOKE... http://t.co/aB5KBDes
  • Wed, 05:55: RT @DalaiLama: Ask yourself, what am I doing about my anger, my attachment, my pride, my jealousy? These are the things we should check ...
  • Wed, 05:55: RT @iFlak: I was so disappointed to open a container of Playdoh this morning only to find it doesn't smell the same when I was a kid.
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