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IM LOG -- Starting a new X RP

flamenewsies: heyy there

x0fiery_kitten0x: hi

flamenewsies: im melissa, the owner of the xmen rpg group you just joined

x0fiery_kitten0x: oh.. hello

flamenewsies: just wondering if you know who ya wanna play or whatnot

x0fiery_kitten0x: i was just gonna look over everything
x0fiery_kitten0x: I have an exam thursday so I don't have much time for anything character wise until then

flamenewsies: oki umm but do u know if you want to create an OC or play a canon

x0fiery_kitten0x: I figure i'll be OC

flamenewsies: playing one of each would be most preferable .. or just canons, lol but its ur choice
flamenewsies: oh ok

x0fiery_kitten0x: I'm not good with cannons... they have predetermined personalities

flamenewsies: um, well just so ya know, if you can, most likely tonite, please send me a sample post so i know ur rp style
flamenewsies: ok

x0fiery_kitten0x: I can copy and paste one i've made into an email if you'd like?

flamenewsies: well when you get around to making your OC, just email me the bio so i can approve it
flamenewsies: yea thats fine
flamenewsies: and so ya know, you can send me ur OC bio now, because im just finishing up some threads in the group with the already there OC's and canons and then im gonna bring in about 3 or 4 other new OCs and urs can be one

x0fiery_kitten0x: any genre okay? or are you specifically wanting X for the sample?

flamenewsies: nope anything works
flamenewsies: as long as its a post or whatnot
flamenewsies: i mean having xmen for a sample would be nice but it doesn thave to be

x0fiery_kitten0x: i haven't played X in a while... i'll see what i have though

flamenewsies: ok just send me whatever tonite and such and when do u think ull be able to make the oc bio
flamenewsies: cause like i said you can send it now for approval .. and besides u cant bring it into play for another week or so anyways so .. lol

x0fiery_kitten0x: :D

flamenewsies: just make sure the powers are original and that they arent similar to others and such

x0fiery_kitten0x: Well.. i have one that started out similar...

flamenewsies: well i want to keep all the powers different none the same
flamenewsies: what did u have that was similar

x0fiery_kitten0x: I do have someone a little more original that I want to play though so it doesn't matter

flamenewsies: ok

x0fiery_kitten0x: I'd have to get some okays from you first for somethings on the bio...

flamenewsies: well whatever, lol, just send me the bio asap

x0fiery_kitten0x: I wrote this char a long while ago and still haven't finished some of the details...

flamenewsies: lol like what do you mean?
flamenewsies: ok
flamenewsies: as for me okayin somethings?

x0fiery_kitten0x: some things i mean

flamenewsies: ok an example?

x0fiery_kitten0x: like would it be alright if she was government trained/experimented on?

flamenewsies: uuuh eh .. no im not really looking to bring something as intense as that to the rpg
flamenewsies: sorry

x0fiery_kitten0x: that's what i mean
x0fiery_kitten0x: i guess Nightmare's out then?

flamenewsies: i guess so, sorry

x0fiery_kitten0x: I might could tame her down a bit.. ^_^

flamenewsies: just keep it basic really .. if you wanna get a better understanding for what i mean .. just go to the files section and go to the made ups file and read the bios there
flamenewsies: you have to read them anyway so that you know the characters

x0fiery_kitten0x: alright...
x0fiery_kitten0x: i'll tame her down some cause I really wanna use her...

flamenewsies: prism and arKane havent come into play yet cause their new ocs so urs would be coming in with them

x0fiery_kitten0x: I need to try out my writing for her powers...

flamenewsies: lol yea i mean you can still use her and such and there might be a few other things that need changing, but i dunno till i read it, but you can still certainly use her

x0fiery_kitten0x: Well.. I can't find the post I had saved... I'll send you one that i have saved and find an X-themed post to send you later if you'd like?

flamenewsies: ok send me whatever, as long as its a post from you

x0fiery_kitten0x: email? same as the sn?

flamenewsies: yupp

x0fiery_kitten0x: i'll try to find my X example when I can

flamenewsies: kk
flamenewsies: haha ah yea just by looking at the size of it, its fine lol

x0fiery_kitten0x: lol
x0fiery_kitten0x: I've been playing for quite a while...
x0fiery_kitten0x: I'm a lil rusty with X-men rps though

flamenewsies: lol ok well just read up the last like 50 posts for the xmen or even 100 .. haha i know it seems like a lot but .. trust me when ur character comes into play itll be VERY useful to know what went on before

x0fiery_kitten0x: Alright... I can't find Nightmare's bio but may I give you a brief run down and see what you think?
x0fiery_kitten0x: I belive I have yet to type hers actually... could be why i can't find it

flamenewsies: um ok well actually just fill it out according to the bio i have for made ups in the files section

x0fiery_kitten0x: alright...

flamenewsies: are you gonna do the bio tonite? or another time

x0fiery_kitten0x: prolly another time.. i need to find my original

flamenewsies: ok

x0fiery_kitten0x: her powers are sketched out on it

flamenewsies: k
flamenewsies: well im off to bed
flamenewsies: emal it to me when u do it

x0fiery_kitten0x: alright... night...

flamenewsies: bye

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