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  • Tue, 16:16: RT @AnaKasparian: Oft-Cited Anti-Violent-Video-Game Study Actually Says Guns Are The Problem http://t.co/JYaHKi2t via @mediaite
  • Tue, 18:59: RT @DMZilla: I blame Toy Story for any hoarder tendencies I may exhibit. "I can't just throw this toy out on the streets. It has feeeeel ...
  • Wed, 01:14: RT @IJasonAlexander: Avg. winnings on Jeopardy - $25,000. Avg. winnings on Fear Factor - $50,000. Proving that genius or moron - it's a ...
  • Wed, 09:59: So... @hoojoe. You turned the book of face back on?
  • Wed, 11:59: RT @JadinRecks: My first single Planetfall will go on sale at Beatport on Febuary 13th; iTunes and other stores February 27th!
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