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Which monkey are you?
Another pointless diversion from Bijouriel


You Will Get Lacey Lingerie That He'll Rip Off For Valentine's Day!

You guys express your love for each other through sex, every day.

You let him call you dirty names, and you let him (okay, beg him) to take you.

You guys are all about sex. So, it's no surprises that your Valentine Day's present involves sex.

Can you wait until Feb 14th for the escapade? Or are you too horny to wait?

On V-Day, will you be able to withstand a night out on the town...

All the while knowing what is in store for you when you come home?

Don't trick yourself for a minute if you think your guy is going to make it easy on you!

You are going to panting for him before the night even begins.

What Are You Getting For Valentine's Day?

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Your Dream Engagement Ring Has an Oval Diamond!

An oval diamond is classic enough to reflect your femininity...

While being unique enough to show off that individual style you've cultivated

Your creative side will be delighted with the amount of twinkle your diamond showcases

And your ring's unique design will go well with all that artistic jewelry you've collected!

What's Your Dream Engagement Ring? Take This Quiz :-)

Find the Love of Your Life
(and More Love Quizzes) at Your New Romance.

cumslut barbie

You Are Cumslut Barbie!

You come complete with press on suction lips,
portable wet wipes, and skin toner.

Add on "Spit-it-back" function sold separately.

Not recommended for children under age 6.

What Naughty Barbie Are *You*?

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