llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

My tweets

  • Thu, 06:21: Woke up from a weird dream. Can't get back to sleep (mostly because I had to pee).
  • Thu, 06:49: Heartburn. Why do you plague me so?
  • Thu, 07:09: RT @camphalfblood: Need a sequel to "Go the *** to Sleep," except for high schoolers: "Wake the ** Up." You're welcome, @adammansbach
  • Thu, 07:20: Plagued by something stupid and can't get it out my head. :(
  • Thu, 08:00: There are some days that I feel like such a failure and it takes a lot of effort to get through the day.
  • Thu, 10:31: Writing has become a chore. Gaming has become a chore. Everything I love is now a chore. I don't presume to understand why.
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