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  • Wed, 12:07: RT @lesterspeight: Gears of War Movie Back In The Game | Scified http://t.co/wx9j62v5Je via @scifiedcom It's Baccccck!
  • Thu, 07:10: Baking chicken again. It's so delicious.
  • Thu, 07:10: RT @reallesstroud: Ok - here it is: IT'S OFFICIAL! as of a couple of days ago I finally officially signed to film BRAND NEW SURVIVORMAN S…
  • Thu, 08:10: Wanting to write and actually sitting down to write seem to live in completely different timezones in my head.
  • Thu, 08:18: My Gamer ADD is starting to get to me. I keep finding things I want to do other than the thing I really want to do.
  • Thu, 08:28: The laptop gives me too much to do. I'm going to try to find a pencil and some paper. It might work better. #bored #badwriter
  • Thu, 09:18: Nothing makes me want to write more than sorting through notebooks full of old X-Men logs, Star Wars stuff, and a bit of original work.
  • Thu, 09:19: RT @TheTweetOfGod: “@Chilipepa: @TheTweetOfGod Why everything?” I'm not really sure. I started with something, and then it just snowballed …
  • Thu, 10:22: I want to save up about $5000 by our 5th anniversary so @kthemage and I can go to Japan. I think it would be an amazing trip.
  • Thu, 11:01: My Dream http://t.co/W3N8ANgMMD
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