llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

My tweets

  • Sun, 17:15: RT @jvic: Amazing emails/tweets from people about this Gawker essay, I Wish My Mother Would Call: http://t.co/LS4c1cXujr #mothersday
  • Mon, 02:22: I would so rather be playing #Defiance right now. If anyone wants to play tomorrow night add me on XBL: LackOfHarmony.
  • Mon, 04:10: Been listening to @OSWreview all night and I've come to realize the wrestling is LARPing that has been accepted by everyone.
  • Mon, 07:30: @hoojoe I have another suggestion for your channel/LPs. MAKE PLAYLISTS. I hate subbing to a channel and it not having playlists.
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