llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
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  • Mon, 14:36: RT @Nic_Leigh: @KrisAllen "Boneless wings" is totally the upscale, adult, "you're not eating kids' food" version of chicken nuggets.
  • Mon, 15:13: I've been awake pretty much since @kthemage went to work. :( Oh well. More time to play games.
  • Mon, 17:54: Square finally granted the Mog Satchel to those that use the free one-time password key on smartphones. I ganked it immediately.
  • Mon, 18:51: Just saw a good trailer for R.I.P.D. Kind of looking forward to seeing it now. #summermoviesareago
  • Tue, 01:08: I found this message on my phone this afternoon and it made me blush. ^_^ #love http://t.co/kUVCBBQ3Oy
  • Tue, 02:07: My attempt at Chinese-flavored food = success. Ramen noodles + chicken + Kung pow sauce.
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