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I've been thinking about something since I walked back to my dorm from grabbing something to eat at the Hard Hat Zone. Especially since some guy just started talkin' to me, askin' my name and everything. I've been hit on several times by men of the African-American persuation and it makes me wonder. Why do only the black guys hit on me? Are the white boys scared to hit on a 6ft tall big girl? Or do black men have a broader sense of beauty? I assume so since they all want 'big booties' or something like that... I'm not much of a rap listener, but that's a recurring theme. I ask again... Why just black guys? Why not other guys? (Not that I'm saying I want to be hit on. I love Stephen. Period. End of story.) White boys have a sense of beauty that starts with toothpick thin and ends with toothbrush thin. Anything wider than their toothbrush and you're out. Maybe its just that black men see more in someone than just that they're big? Maybe they're more accepting than other races?

Like I said, I've been thinking about this for about five minutes now. Kinda weird.

There's another thing that i can address race-wise. Around here, the black girls are more curtious and friendly than most of the white girls. TRUTH! For example... In my dorm (Kays Hall), when a black girl is standing down in the front lobby and is waiting for someone she will open the door for someone who is standing outside trying to fish out their ID card from a tiny space in their wallet with their frozen finger. I've noticed the opposite from white girls. They'll just sit there and look at you with this stare that says, "What? Am *I* suppose to help *you*?" It really pisses me off. On the other hand, it is the black girls that are usually loudest at night (barring all sorority girls from that example. Sorors win on that topic, no matter what race). My suitemates are both black and they've usually got a gaggle of friends over who are loud at night. But for the most, things like this flip-flop.

Another thing one must remember is that there are exceptions to EVERY rule, though. But so far... I've found no exceptions to the males...

Just an honest to goodness actual thought from my brain...


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