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  • Sun, 15:27: RT @neiltyson: Unlike Florida today, only if threatened by another Gun did "Wild West" codes of conduct allow you to shoot another person.
  • Sun, 16:35: I have the #ViralUnlock Persona on #MTG2014 if anybody wants to play a game sometime: LackOfHarmony on XBL.
  • Sun, 17:32: RT @InjusticeGame: Martian Manhunter is coming to Injustice as the 5th DLC character. What do you think of his gameplay and opponent? http:…
  • Sun, 19:58: RT @donttrythis: Plz RT! Attention! Planning to cosplay as ME @ #SDCC ? Want to? Email to AdamSavageCosplay@gmail.com for info. #adamincogn
  • Mon, 00:35: RT @ghero46: Being YouTuber is fun. Until that one kid gets super cocky about views and subscribers. YOU MAKE VIDEOS ON THE INTERNET. Humil…
  • Mon, 01:16: RT @chrisrockoz: Following someone on Twitter and complaining about what they tweet about is like calling someone to tell them you don't wa…
  • Mon, 07:13: RT @TrevorProject: Feeling sad or lost? You are never alone. We're here for you 24/7. 1.866.488.7386
  • Mon, 09:30: RT @4JStudios: We're bug-fixing TU12 at the moment. Lots more bugs to fix... We'll let you know when it goes to Microsoft Cert test. #Minec
  • Mon, 10:46: RT @kevinbacon: “@Trev_Dude: remember when @kevinbacon punched a graboid's tongue. yeah that was rad” RT I think it's time for a new #Tremo
  • Mon, 10:49: Walked to the city hall (water bill) and to the city store. Heart pounded. I feel burned already. It didn't even take long! #Vampire
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