llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
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  • Thu, 12:20: RT @AntDeRosa: U.S. changes relationship status with Russia to "it's complicated"
  • Fri, 00:35: RT @NitKA_Official: If someone says, "As a woman I've never experienced harassment, but I've seen other women goad men into targeting them"…
  • Fri, 00:55: These are all the arguments that men use to defend the "Good ole boy" system that they have in gaming. // http://t.co/gs0tnwVuCn
  • Fri, 02:53: I finally sorted out all my Borderlands 2 ring/texttones. I have the best stuff now.
  • Fri, 03:27: RT @keefstuart: Enough of the games media “shock jocks” | GamesIndustry International http://t.co/eLjs8fwYtY
  • Fri, 11:11: RT @camphalfblood: So who decided every interaction w/a company must be followed by a customer satisfaction survey? And may I drop them int…
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