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Aced my test today... I've done quite well on all of my tests this week with minimal studyage. Feels good to procrastinate. I'm just sitting here play with CokeMusic.com's sound mixers. Making my own mixes. Its kinda fun and there are some people who are really good. So far... I've made two. Feel it? (ff1) and Dangeresque (ff2). The ff1 and 2 are the tags i'm putting on. "ff" stands for my little V-ego's studio, TheFenixFire, and the number stands for which one of my tracks it is. 1, 2, 3, etc. ^_^ I finally figured out how to decorate my studio too. It looks much better than bare walls and no furnature now. I'm having a great time with this site. Everyone should play on it!! I'm playing Dangeresque in my studio right now. Checking it out. I like it a lot, but I still have fond feelings for Feel it?. ^_^ I love this game.

Maybe I'll go play RuneScape later? I dunno. Right now I'm more interested in this game. lol



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