llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

My tweets

  • Mon, 22:49: RT @TryHardNinja: The TENTATIVE release date for my album 'In Real Life' is August 24th. Could change but things are looking good. Next Sat…
  • Mon, 22:49: RT @TheTweetOfGod: The earthquakes in New Zealand will continue until the One Ring is forever destroyed.
  • Tue, 03:02: When lying in bed with @kthemage, I get such a strong sense of relief that it can bring me to tears. That's how I know everything is okay.
  • Tue, 03:03: RT @parkerwilhelm: Someone please make "English: The Coloring Book."
  • Tue, 05:00: I have the ability to receive notifications from twitter now when someone I select tweets. I'm trying that out.
Tags: twitter

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