llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
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  • Tue, 13:15: RT @manveerheir: I just tried to wall-jump like in Titanfall, and I broke my ankles. Thanks @Respawn
  • Tue, 13:54: RT @ZachWeiner: Sodium sodium Sodium sodium Sodium sodium Sodium sodium BATMAN!
  • Wed, 00:20: When your ceramic tile floors are warm rather than cold, you know it's time for the AC.
  • Wed, 07:03: RT @xRpMx13: Just heard a 60-70 year old woman say her Facebook profile picture was "sexy-wexy" please don't make me sit by her
  • Wed, 07:12: I made popcorn on the stove last night. 1/2 cup of unpopped popcorn makes one huge mess!
  • Wed, 07:13: RT @AnneWheaton: One year ago today, we adopted Marlowe from @PHS_SPCA. The look on her face when we took her home was priceless. http://t.…
  • Wed, 07:50: I just used half a lint roller on our couches and lamp shade. It's not 100% picked clean, but it's a lot better. #Cleaning
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