llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
llewej irol

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  • Wed, 17:01: RT @TheYoungTurks: Male survivors of sexual assault quote abusers: http://t.co/WgCW4afekB via @SpencerAlthouse. RT to show your support for…
  • Thu, 04:26: RT @Kappische: one thing that would make next gen consoles truly next gen: synch gamepads without leaving the sofa!
  • Thu, 08:53: So many of my good ideas were poured into something that no one else seemed to be able to understand. I need to use it for writing instead.
  • Thu, 09:23: RT @Marina_Sirtis: My final word (for now) on ACA debate. Why are we the only "civilised" country in the world without universal healthcre?
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