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I just took my U&BF test and man... I wish I could have done better. I did quite well (much better than the last one), but still not good enough. I forgot about the part on sputum and didn't study it (damn I can't spell) this morning. -sigh- This time he wasn't as based on the numerical values as last time. Dammit! -screams- I wish he'd stick with one or the other. ;_; I'm so totally screwed on my GPA this semester. Totally. But... I do have 76 hours. I really am a JR. ^_^ Next semester, I'll be starting with 89. You only need like 120-140 to graduate. Granted I am a lil behind in the hours that apply to my major, but its alright. I may not get to go to summer school (even though I really need to), but that'll be okay. It'll just make me a lil more behind and like I'm not used to that.

I'm goofing off right now because I have class in about an hour and a half. Nothing much else to do because I'm not hungry. I had breakfast this morning. ^_^ Its good for me... kinda. Anyways.... I guess I'll go thieve for Stephen since he's on a thieving kick and we're working toward party hats on RuneScape.



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