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  • Wed, 16:08: RT @GeorgeTakei: Who's got great Siri screenshots? Post them on our wall! http://t.co/bEXltiwcql
  • Thu, 01:34: Found out today that someone I considered a good friend died Friday. You'll be missed, my Aussie buddy.
  • Thu, 02:49: The way I react to someone's death is hard for me to gauge. Sometimes I take it well and other times I don't. This time I'm upset.
  • Thu, 02:58: I want to leave a msg for Mattie's dad on Facebook, but I'd have to add him and he's not a tech guy. I think I'll snail-mail a note instead.
  • Thu, 05:16: My dear friend @RyokaiAshfield passed away Friday from an embolism in his sleep. He will be missed so very much.
  • Thu, 05:51: A Very Sad Night http://t.co/vOiMyaGBZc
  • Thu, 08:04: I managed to kick my laptop off of the ottoman and it now does not work. Well fuck. Now I have to get the hard drive looked at.
  • Thu, 09:30: RT @Alancumming: I wish Republican politicians put as much energy into ideas and making the world better as they do trying to destroy anyth…
  • Thu, 09:32: RT @GeorgeTakei: From a fan. This response is spot on. http://t.co/pzRzSc24a3
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