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A Conversation With Leslie...

Just a conversation with Les. Thought I'd stick it up here since I haven't had much else to talk about. Might actually write something later... Anything with spaces was prolly a smiley face, btw.


babygirl_leelee: hey! Saw your mom yesterday

x0lori0x: really?

babygirl_leelee: yeah
babygirl_leelee: her and i sat there talking, she thought I was you at first
babygirl_leelee: then she took a double look
babygirl_leelee: and noticed it wasn't

x0lori0x: lol
x0lori0x: My mom misses me a lot

babygirl_leelee: She was in the checkout line, did you know that Selina and Jessica Douglas had babies?
babygirl_leelee: I bet she does

x0lori0x: no i didn't

babygirl_leelee: Did you know Mendi is pregnant again?

x0lori0x: god...
x0lori0x: you know about Matt and Nikki's baby right?
x0lori0x: everyone is pregnant!

babygirl_leelee: With a boy this time
babygirl_leelee: lol, yeah, it is in the water

x0lori0x: Nikki's havin' a girl

babygirl_leelee: awww....

x0lori0x: ^_^ I can't wait

babygirl_leelee: Brandy Riley is pregnant

x0lori0x: I'm gonna spoil her rotten... lol

babygirl_leelee: lol

x0lori0x: My gosh
x0lori0x: I've heard that in leap years more girls get pregnant
x0lori0x: we were talkin' about that at work today

babygirl_leelee: lol, cool, Umm, Letitia Saunders is pregnant with her third and it might be a girl, she isn't for sure
babygirl_leelee: Chris Saunders just had a boy a few months ago

x0lori0x: my god!
x0lori0x: I'm the only one left aren't i?
x0lori0x: me and Sara

babygirl_leelee: Lol, yeah, Jennifer Talley/Midgett might be pregnant, she don't know that yet, I told her about me getting pregnant on my wedding night and she just looked at me like don't tell me that, then I told her with the second I got pregnant on ortho tri cyclen and she said don't tell me that either...lol

x0lori0x: lol
x0lori0x: ...but you're good with kids..
x0lori0x: ...so its a good thing!

babygirl_leelee: I hope so, lol, Did you know them two actually got married

x0lori0x: Yes
x0lori0x: I talked to them a few months before the wedding
x0lori0x: ...i wasn't able to go to the wedding though..
x0lori0x: didn't know if i was invited though so... doesn't really matter now
x0lori0x: I missed matt and Nikki's wedding too
x0lori0x: that made me feel bad

babygirl_leelee: everyone was invited
babygirl_leelee: aww, I didn't know about their wedding until I saw them in the mall here while back
babygirl_leelee: Matt and Nikki I mena
babygirl_leelee: mean

x0lori0x: it was in the paper...
x0lori0x: i told them that i don't get the paper so i'd better get a phone call when Nikki goes into labor

babygirl_leelee: I didn't see it, I know that Jennifers and Daniels was in the paper
babygirl_leelee: AMEN! lol
babygirl_leelee: How far along is Nikki now?

x0lori0x: She's due on July 4th...
x0lori0x: so i dunno

babygirl_leelee: OMG! lol, that is weird

x0lori0x: why?

babygirl_leelee: Independence Day Baby!

x0lori0x: yeah
x0lori0x: i doubt she'll be born then... but that's when she's due

babygirl_leelee: She might deliver over, do you know who Nikki's Doctor is?

x0lori0x: nope

babygirl_leelee: oh, okay

x0lori0x: you'd have to ask Matt

babygirl_leelee: I am so bored, oh by the way, I work at Wal-mart, that is where I saw your mom

x0lori0x: stephen told me you did

babygirl_leelee: oh, okay, lol

x0lori0x: i figured that was where she saw you
x0lori0x: i don't know why she'd think i was in newport when i'm here?

babygirl_leelee: I saw Sara and Tonya last night

x0lori0x: really.? how are they?

babygirl_leelee: They are okay.
babygirl_leelee: Sara is still going to colleg4
babygirl_leelee: college
babygirl_leelee: She quit wal-mart in November

x0lori0x: i knew that

babygirl_leelee: Brandy Riley is married to a Mexican, she is moving to Mexico on the 29th of this month
babygirl_leelee: See, I keep you updated

x0lori0x: I knew she was married... and she told me she was thinking about moving
x0lori0x: i hope she has fun down there...
x0lori0x: Last time I talked to her though, she knew more spanish than i did in H.S.

babygirl_leelee: lol, Letitia and I were talking about how she is gonna get down there and probably never be able to come back.

x0lori0x: Yeah... you're my lifeline to down there
x0lori0x: lol

babygirl_leelee: lol
babygirl_leelee: well, I am gonna have to get off here for a bit

x0lori0x: how often do you see Letitia?

babygirl_leelee: Victor is gonna try to put up a ceiling fan

x0lori0x: oh okay...

babygirl_leelee: I don't see Letitia often.
babygirl_leelee: just every now and then

x0lori0x: ah.. i was just wondering.. i haven't seen her in forever

babygirl_leelee: lol, i will tell her the next time that I see her that you said hi, how about that?

x0lori0x: sure

babygirl_leelee: okay, I will talk to you later
babygirl_leelee: lylas

x0lori0x: later

babygirl_leelee: bye

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