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Hmmm . . . .

So ... how long has it been since I logged my last entry? I don't know. I've been busy doing other things. I'm also having trouble with my damn ISP's. One decided to not use the only number I can use for it anyomre. And then the other one won't stay online more than 3-5 minutes. I really can't stand it. *sigh* Wasn't a bad week. Just not the best week I've ever had. I always end up having to type this while I'm offline and then connecting to post it online. Too bad LJ won't let me collect a week's worth of entries offline and then let me post them later. It would work much better that way and I'd get to write more often.

Well. Sunday (Father's Day) my family got all packed up to go swimming. This is a rare occation because usually we're not all home at the same time. It was pretty nice. My mom and dad found a real nice place to swim because all out other creeks and rivers have pretty much overgrown or were on private property and the owners won't allow people back anymore. Its really deep too. I mean, its over my head! That's at least 6 ft. :D I love it. We didn't know if we were gonna go. It had been trying to rain all that morning. I'm just glad we got to go.

*sigh* Well ... Stephen and I argued all night Saturday night. I just don't understand it. I didn't cry though. The only time i cried is when I tripped and somehow fell into him. My glasses spashed into my face and *OUCH!* I wish I had my contacts!!! That wouldn't have happened if i had them on. My mother won't take me to the eye doctor so I can get a new perscription. I'm thinking about going myself if I don't get any soon. I can't stand my glasses. They're heavy and I look terrible in them. (there goes my connection again...)

Well ... i guess once i connect again i'll post this. I really don't have anything else to gush about at the moment. *sigh*


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