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Update? Ummm... Update. Perhaps I should write something so everyone will know that I'm still a living, thinking person instead of a meme/quiz machine? Hmm? I dunno. I'm here. Busy, but here. I've got 4 exams next week. God... it bites. I have a Midterm in Micro Lab Tuesday; an A&P exam on Wednesday; and then I have U&BF and Microbiology exams on Thursday. Plus I have an assignment due the Monday afterward for Sociology. That week I have 2 exams. :( Bad... bad midterms! Wanna see my schedual? Go [here]. That's basically my schedual up as far as I know. I updated it today because a couple of things got moved. My micro test got moved from Tuesday to Thursday. This is both good and evil because I get more study time, but its the same day as my U&BF exam. Very sad...

What have I been up to?

School. Period. End of story. I have been working on my RS skills a bit when I have the time. I am now lvl 58 crafting instead of 57. Plus Stephen and I have gathered approx. 15 Dragonstones. @ 50k apiece that at least 750k. At the LEAST. We have either 3 or 4 dragonstone ammmies right now. We're going to get more made and sell them. Eventually I'm going to be able to make them so that we can be self sufficient and not have to rely on Stephen's friend Lady Chaos I. Hopefully... someday we will. Maybe.

Currently my scores stand @:
[Overall] 39760 of 250k
[Fighting] 129210 of 250k
[Ranged] 58782 of 250k
[Prayer] 36489 of 250k
[Magic] 59819 of 250k
[Cooking] 97885 of 250k
[Woodcutting] 64778 of 250k
[Fletching] Not ranked
[Fishing] 121994 of 250k
[Firemaking] 50673 of 250k
[Crafting] 4087 of 250k
[Smithing] 92192 of 250k
[Mining] 107274 of 250k
[Herblaw] Not ranked
[Agility] Not ranked
[Thieving] 22370 of 250k

For some reason my links are broke! why?! I dunno. If you wanna see my ranks, go to www.runescape.com and click "Hiscore Tables." Once you've done that, enter the name o0jahrah0o into the "Search by name" catetory and you'll find me on the lists. Stephen is sassysas .

I'm doing damn good I tell ya. The ones I'm not ranked on I'm holding off on doing until I need to go up quick lvls to make my overall score better. Anyways. I'm gonna go eat lunch. I think I'm gonna skip micro tonight since she doesn't ever take roll. I'm gonna go to work and explain why I didn't call/show up this morning. I felt bad and overslept. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. I did have a headache. One of those ones where I'm lightsensitive. I get those every once and a while. Damn things. Well. I really am gonna go this time.



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