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  • Tue, 19:34: RT @NitKA_Official: Keep arguing with me that this is "normal" in the gaming community &that it happens to guys all the time, too: http://…
  • Tue, 22:45: I bought Prison Architect this morning and logged on tonight to find it on sale for 66% off. /fail
  • Tue, 23:51: Days of Future Past Quicksilver vs Age of Ultron Quicksilver. AoU is better. The DoFP one looks like he's wearing a bad wig. #XMen
  • Tue, 23:52: RT @Brelston: If scholars ever need to know the difference between the 80s and 90s, I'll point them to opening songs of Pryde of the X-Men …
  • Tue, 23:53: RT @Brelston: Pryde is a colorful TMNT-style song yelling the characters' names at you, 90s X-Men is angsty and alt-rocky. Perfect decades …
  • Wed, 02:50: I feel like The Cosby Show provided a skewed version of family in the 80s. I do appreciate the continuity. Sitcoms with continuity! Awesome!
  • Wed, 04:42: Randomly got a coupon for 25% off on Pixel Piracy (Steam). It's a game I don't plan in getting so I would hate to let it go to waste.
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