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Taken from coldlikesnow's Friend's Page (weezercrazed)

[Real Name:] Lori Michelle Jewell
[Birthday:] December 05, 1982
[Eye color:] Blue
[Hair Color:] Dark, dirty blonde
[Natural Hair Color:] Same
[Height:] ~6"0'
[Who do you love?:] Stephen A. Stewart
[Location:] Jonesboro, AR; Originally Grubbs, AR
[Siblings:] 1 brother--Robert Wade

[Cut yoursel?:] No. I hate pain and things like it.
[Take meds you shouldn't?] I forget to take the ones I'm on.
[Pick your nose?] Sure do
[Hate a lot of people?] Nah...
[Get grounded often?] My parents ground me? HA HA!
[Have too many friends?] No. I don't have enough.
[Believe in life after death?] Actually... I believe in reincarnation and past-lives. It just seems to make more sense to me for some reason?
[Go to church?] No. I have some issues with churches.
[Love school:] Apparently... I can't think of anything else after it for some reason.
[Smoke?] NO!
[Do drugs?] Drugs are evil, vile, and take your life away
[Try to be different?] Only sometimes
[Have any piercings?] Three--One cartillage on my left ear and one in each lobe
[Watch porn?] ^_^ ... You really wanna know? Hentai.
[Dye your hair?] No. I do frost sometimes though

[Kissed someone?] Yeah... and i love it!
[Attempted suicide?] NO and don't plan on it any time soon
[Been raped?] Thank God, No.
[Shopped for condoms?] Only a couple of times. It embarasses me... o_0
[Smoked?] Tried to once, but was too afraid to actually inhale. -bleh- I was little..
[Gotten Drunk?] Nope. I dislike alcohol
[Left the country?] Does Disney World count??
[Had a party with over 30 people?] Nope... don't have that many friends
[Taken nude pictures?] Nope and don't plan on it
[Taped yourself having sex?] -Bleh!- No.
[Burned yourself?] I love to play with fire, so yeah.
[Caught something on fire?] Yeah. I remember when some guys caught their hair on fire at school... -laughs-
[Cheated on someone?] Never...
[Wanted to cheat on someone?] I've wanted to experience new things, but I've never wanted to CHEAT to experience them.
[Fell in love online?] We're in love.... and we talk online.
[Asked someone out?] Nope. I never had the balls to do it. I don't even remember how Stephen and I decided to start dating. I think it was a friend thing.
[Been dumped?] Yeah. And he knew he was a bastard for it and came straight back.
[Dumped someone?] Yup. Dumped Daniel.... On Thanksgiving no less.
[Called a porn hotline?] Dialing random 800 numbers and found one.

[times I have been in love?] Once.
[times I have had my heart broken?] Several times...
[hearts I have broken?] One or two
[boys I have kissed?] Three...
[people I consider my enemies?] None anymore.
[things in my past that I regret?] Count unavailable...

[Wallet:] Red; Powerpuff Girls
[Toothbrush:] The one at home is blue and white. I threw away the one at school so I have to get a new one. I also have a purple one at Stephen's.
[Jewelry worn daily:] Black string bracelet on my left hand (never taken off); black string necklace that once had a rune hanging from it; cartillage piercing on my left ear
[Blanket:] Forrest Green, Navy blue, & Yellow plaid; forrest green on one side
[Sunglasses:] Silver frames with blue lenses and the only reason I wear my contacts anymore. Clips for my glasses.
[Shoes:] I've got like 7 pair, but my favorites are my black GBX boots and my brown Sketchers boots
[Favorite top:] Just about any of my T-shirts. One of my band shirts and my SR prom shirt are the best though (your class rocked for that, Nikki!).
[What cd do you have in your cd player right now?] One I burned at Stephen's house that contains many different songs.
[What you are wearing now?] You pervert! -lol- Zana-Di jeans that I patched up; my 'undercover police' shirt.
[Hair:] It was down earlier; extremely curly; but now its pulled back in a loose ponytail

[Is in your mouth?] Earlier it was bubble gum... nothing but my tongue now. And my teeth! Don't forget my teeth!
[Is in your head?] I'm pretty blank right now actually. That's my normal state.
[Is after this?] Watching Cartoons.
[Are you talking to?] Nobody... I'm a loser so I may go chat
[Are you eating?] -Laughs- I was eating soft tacos. Leftovers from Jan's house. I came over to chill and i'm gonna clean up later.
[Are your fetishes?] Being rough, okay? I admit it now. I like it when Stephen's rough with me.
[Is next to you?] The stuff I need to either put up or throw away
[Is something you're looking forward to in this up coming month?] April... hmm. Not much other than hanging with the buds.
[Is something that you are deathly afraid of?] Falling. Smothering.
[Do you want done with your body when you die?] Dunno yet.
[Animal, any animal, do you want for a pet?] A DRAGON!!!!!! If not a dragon, then a pigmy salt-and-pepper hedgehog
[Is the latest you've ever stayed up?] 28-30 hours. Something like that...
[Is something that you wish people would understand?] That if you read the directions/FAQ/How to play they can tell you what you need to know.
[Is something you want to make happen for tomorrow?] I wanna wish Brian a Happy Birthay by blowing him away in laser tag!!

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