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Its hoojoe's birthday, guys and gals!

He's 19 and, for you ladies out there, available. Cute, smart, sincere, and he has a job! Not a bum and perfet for any lady who may be searching for a good man. ;) </i>Love ya lots, Bri.</i>

Oh... and here's a pic from the Rascal Flatts concert for you guys... Its from The ASU Herald. Our campus newspaper that sometimes carries good stories. I thought Ryan and Nikki would like this pic a lot. ^_^

Photo by Krissie Files; Rascal Flatts Concert @ ASU

Lastly... My 11:00 got cancelled today so I'm fixin' to go take a shower and get ready to blow Brian away in some laser tag. Its his b-day prezzie from the gang. YAY!


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