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I am so ready for school to be out. Really ready. More ready than I was for Christmas break. Totally and completely ready for summer. -sigh- I'm tired. My brain is tired. I've got three exams this week and I really don't like that. An A&P Exam Wednesday. A Microbiology exam Thursday. And then I have a Sociology exam Friday. :( If I can just get myself to study instead of goofing off, I'll be okay. That's a very big 'IF' though... well, lets see...

Had an OUTSTANDING time this weekend. Friday's show at wrestling was top notch. I mean, it totally rocked. Matt's match was awesome (even though he did get his ass kicked fairly well, but he said he told 'em to do it). Morgan put on a good show too. Other than the fact that there was one match that pretty much blowed, the rest of the show was awesome. I had a great time. Saturday was okay. Went home early and slept in a bit. About 7-ish we went to wrestling at Tuckerman. Two nights in a row! I felt like such a hick though, screamin' for these people. -laughs- It was pretty full and the matches were okay. The title match between Angel and ODB was great. Other than Matt's match against Dale and the Austin Lane match, it was the best one that night. Gotta exclude Matt and Brian's matches. They're usually totally awesome.
As for the crowd, no one really was interested in the show. Other than the fact that Bradon Baxter was there from KISS FM. I think that was why most of the chicks were there to be truthful. AND when Matt's match was about to begin, all the announcer had to do was say "X-Kaliber" and the crowd was on their feet. I seriously believe that they were all there to see Double-B and/or Matt. There was no doubt about it that they were there to see Matt after half the gym left when his match was over. If you think I'm kidding, you just should've been there. I think there was an intermission after his match and, of course, all the smokers went outside. That was like most of the gym! -laughs- Well, when everything was starting back up again, half of the people who went outside never came back in. I know this because Stephen and I were able to sit in the center set of bleachers. :D

After wrestling Saturday night, we had the best time. First we camped out at Matt and Nikki's for a lil while and watched Brian's stop-motion animations that he made so long ago. It was a pretty long time ago because he still had his lil bitty voice. Not the big huge one he has now. :D They consisted mostly of the old Power Rangers Dragonzord blowing stuff up with tinfoil lightning bolts. Excellent use of tinfoil, btw. I enjoyed it very much and wouldn't mind watching it all over again! After that, we were allowed to view Stockboy Confessions: The True Life Story of Bill's Superfoods Stockboys. A most interesting piece that Brian and Casey cooked up in their spare time.
A while after that Casey, with the gleam of a boy with a death wish in his eye, suggested that we all go riding around. We conversed about some of the insane shit that the boys did while we were in high school while we tried to convice matt that we should go. We all piled into the back of Casey's truck, minus Nikki who felt bad :( , and rode around town. First, we ran up to E-Z-Mart and got stuff for Nikki. Conversed about insane shit again and then ran to Newport, at 12:00 at night mind you, to get some Taco Bell food. The boys were craaazy! I never really got to do this kinda stuff with them in high school so I was just amazed. Never had I had so much fun. Maybe once or twice before, but rarely do I get to do it. Matthew and Stephen were enjoying themselves fully. Stephen had an army surplus coat on that made him look like a green Inspector Gadget. And Matt? Well, he had a Scream costume on, minus the mask. He'd lay down in the back of the truck and raise up with the goofiest smile on his face. -laughs-
Once we dropped off Nikki's food and Matt was able to eat his, we all loaded up and went to Swifton. Brian even brought his video camera this trip so we could cronicle our journey. -laughs- He's our bard. It was so much fun and I'm glad we got to do it. Although, I got to feelin' sick in the back of the truck. Next time I'll try to remember some Dramamine so I don't get feelin' ill again. -BLAH-

Yeah. It was a pretty awesome weekend. Minus a few random things here and there of course. Last night I stayed with Stephen and we just kinda chilled and watched TV. I played RuneScape for a while and then fed him while we watched The Blue Collar Comedy Tour on Comedy Central. The funniest thing in the world. I want that on video so bad. :D

Well, I guess I'll get goin' now. I need to finish up on RuneScape and head on over to sociology. :( Tired of that class... totally tired of it.


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