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I love to keep the discussions I have with Mike. They're so... odd.

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ah.... to you I say, "Hi"

o0jahrah0o: Hello...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: how are you?

o0jahrah0o: Good... Almost done with classes

nocturnal_bloodfeast: good.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: I have to fire someone, tomorrow.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: :D

o0jahrah0o: How... nice

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I suppose. He is weak. And stupid

o0jahrah0o: Stupidity is sometimes an ally...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: it is not mine

o0jahrah0o: I noticed...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I loathe stupidity. And, weakness

o0jahrah0o: I remember

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I am Sith, remember?

o0jahrah0o: Yes
o0jahrah0o: I do

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ignorance is alright.... an ignorant person needs only to be educated.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: A stupid person must die

o0jahrah0o: Good point

nocturnal_bloodfeast: the man has been doing this job for over twenty years.... he is only now understanding the extent of capabilities within out diagnostic equipment

o0jahrah0o: Lovely...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: very

o0jahrah0o: So what have you been up to lately? Other than the anticipation of firing someone?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: Nothing. Work. Music. Art. The usual.

o0jahrah0o: Hmm.. Sounds like fun

nocturnal_bloodfeast: sometimes

o0jahrah0o: I miss playing music...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: why you no play, anymore?

o0jahrah0o: Haven't had time... besides... I play a saxophone..
o0jahrah0o: I'm gonna learn to play the guitar someday though
o0jahrah0o: I say someday because that day hasn't actually came yet

nocturnal_bloodfeast: sax is a good instrument. almost played me some sax, once.

o0jahrah0o: Its fun and all.. but I need to get it cleaned and polished...
o0jahrah0o: need some pads replaced...
o0jahrah0o: it looks terrible..

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ahhh... you have let it fall into disrepair. a sin, you know...

o0jahrah0o: Yes... I know
o0jahrah0o: But I don't have the money I need to get it repaired
o0jahrah0o: Its expensive...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: do wat I do.... fix it yourself

o0jahrah0o: Bah...
o0jahrah0o: I'm the one who broke it.. you think i can fix it?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: tisn't hard

o0jahrah0o: No... No.. I prefer to let the professionals handle it

nocturnal_bloodfeast: takes only a little patience

o0jahrah0o: I have just about none

nocturnal_bloodfeast: and so you have done nothing with your training, then?

o0jahrah0o: Been too busy trying to mould my mind to what those creatures called professors wish it to be like

nocturnal_bloodfeast: everything is an exercise, though.... everything

o0jahrah0o: But I can only focus on one thing at a time... at the moment anyway

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I see.

o0jahrah0o: You're going to say that I have a weak mind aren't you?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: nothing I could ever say would be so cruel as your own assumptions.... especially when they concern yourself

o0jahrah0o: Thank you for you vote of confidence

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I gave no vote, I only spoke the truth. Think more of yourself, unless you would wish to remain less.
nocturnal_bloodfeast: There. that is why I am the master.

o0jahrah0o: ...There? Now you sound like a child

nocturnal_bloodfeast: only when speaking to one.

o0jahrah0o: Now you're calling me a child? Well...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I always have, haven't I?

o0jahrah0o: Actually... Yes.. hmm
o0jahrah0o: But its when I'm talking to you that I feel the most adult... isn't that odd?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: to think... you would have me made out as some fickle, thought shifting shell of myself. I am as I was and shall forever be
nocturnal_bloodfeast: perhaps it is that despite our childish fancies, we can speak thus?

o0jahrah0o: Perhaps...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: nay, t'is the truth

o0jahrah0o: Okay then..

nocturnal_bloodfeast: search your feelings, you know it to be true

o0jahrah0o: At the moment, my feelings are blank...
o0jahrah0o: I'm tired

nocturnal_bloodfeast: sleep, then....

o0jahrah0o: Not sleepy... just tired

nocturnal_bloodfeast: uhhh....

o0jahrah0o: -laughs-
o0jahrah0o: I do enjoy being a child..

nocturnal_bloodfeast: yes. I can see that, now.

o0jahrah0o: Why not be a child while I can still remember how?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: it is something that is forgotten?

o0jahrah0o: By many people, yes...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: wow..... how sad, really

o0jahrah0o: Very sad
o0jahrah0o: Then there are those who never became adults..
o0jahrah0o: I'm... somewhere in the middle

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I know that feeling

o0jahrah0o: And then for some reason... Everyone thinks I'm the weird one?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: fuk em

o0jahrah0o: -laughs-
o0jahrah0o: I'd rather not... thank you.
o0jahrah0o: Oh.. I just remembered... whatever became of the girl?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: could eat up some time on those slow days

o0jahrah0o: ;)
o0jahrah0o: Are you avoiding the question..? Or just trying to phrase the answer in some witty way?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: Oh! Oddly enough I must ask... which one?

o0jahrah0o: Which one?
o0jahrah0o: Oh my..

nocturnal_bloodfeast: there were two

o0jahrah0o: Two? hmm... There was one that lived close I believe.. i think i jokingly called her your stalker...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ah, yes.... that one seems to be going well. The one whom is far away still seems..... distraught

o0jahrah0o: Perhapse because she lives far away?
o0jahrah0o: Damn Windows Player... damn it straight to hell...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: download a real version of winamp. then everything will be alright. And, yes. I think that may be the reason

o0jahrah0o: I can't... Not my computer
o0jahrah0o: Though Winamp is very nice...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ahhh..... be thee at class?

o0jahrah0o: Be me in the dorm

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ach!

o0jahrah0o: I don't think I would be at class at Midnight...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: sometimes.... or is that only in CA?

o0jahrah0o: Her in Arkansas.... we all go to bed at sundown and get up at sunrise to feed the hogs and horses... you know that
o0jahrah0o: Please tell me you're laughing...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: you got electricity, yet?

o0jahrah0o: Oh no... I'm running off of hampster power...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: savage

o0jahrah0o: Yeah.. I've got about 30 hampsters shoved up into this thing... I'm lookin' to buy ten more next week... a few are plumb run out

nocturnal_bloodfeast: how crude

o0jahrah0o: Bad joke...
o0jahrah0o: My friends all tell me I'm funny... I think the joke is that i belive them

nocturnal_bloodfeast: that's how I feel about most all that part of the country

o0jahrah0o: Oh well thank you...
o0jahrah0o: I feel so loved...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: as well you should]

o0jahrah0o: I really think I should feel insulted... but seeing as I am a joke...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: why would you be insulted?

o0jahrah0o: I'm not quite sure, but with you... I think I should be... for some reason....
o0jahrah0o: You're clever..

nocturnal_bloodfeast: you bring joy to so many, though

o0jahrah0o: You're sure of that?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: yup

o0jahrah0o: hmm... alright
o0jahrah0o: If you say so...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: i do

o0jahrah0o: At least someone recognizes talent..

nocturnal_bloodfeast: i do

o0jahrah0o: Anything else you'd like to add?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: naw

o0jahrah0o: -laughs-

nocturnal_bloodfeast: you should sleep
nocturnal_bloodfeast: as it is written

o0jahrah0o: I should... but I've been having trouble lately

nocturnal_bloodfeast: can't sleep?

o0jahrah0o: No
o0jahrah0o: Can't figure out why either...
o0jahrah0o: And when I do sleep... I wake up so many times...
o0jahrah0o: I'm ready to just denounce sleep

nocturnal_bloodfeast: alright, easy. I didn't ask for your life history
nocturnal_bloodfeast: you should take codeine

o0jahrah0o: I'm allergic to codeine
o0jahrah0o: ...no wait...
o0jahrah0o: Not Codeine... something else
o0jahrah0o: Nevermind

nocturnal_bloodfeast: lithium?

o0jahrah0o: I just need school to finish so I can sleep in my own bed... I think that's my problem

nocturnal_bloodfeast: could be
nocturnal_bloodfeast: when is school done?

o0jahrah0o: 2... 2 1/2 weeks
o0jahrah0o: Something like that

nocturnal_bloodfeast: eh... not too bad, no?

o0jahrah0o: Not soon enough...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I know.... be tough. You can do it

o0jahrah0o: I lothe spring classes...
o0jahrah0o: I prefer fall for some reason

nocturnal_bloodfeast: fall is cooler

o0jahrah0o: If I could do this whole degree thing and only take fall classes, I'd be set
o0jahrah0o: ... but no...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: of course not
nocturnal_bloodfeast: too convenient, that way

o0jahrah0o: They want to make it hard and force me to take class in the spring

nocturnal_bloodfeast: ooohhhh...... I gotta potty.... may be a minute...

o0jahrah0o: -laughs-
o0jahrah0o: You've got exactly 60 seconds because that's all you asked for...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: too bad... it took a bit longer

o0jahrah0o: Ah.. I wasn't counting

nocturnal_bloodfeast: I was. so there

o0jahrah0o: :)

nocturnal_bloodfeast: yes

o0jahrah0o: What?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: that

o0jahrah0o: What about it?

nocturnal_bloodfeast: all of it. I have spoken

o0jahrah0o: Okay...

nocturnal_bloodfeast: notice the distinct gong sound in the background. that is how you know I've spoken

o0jahrah0o: Gong? I hear no gong? I hear a Dead or Alive Remix

nocturnal_bloodfeast: like a record, baby

o0jahrah0o: Yeah
o0jahrah0o: Alright... per your command, I'm going to try to get to bed...
o0jahrah0o: It is late and I have to get to work by nine

nocturnal_bloodfeast: that is as it should be

o0jahrah0o: Normally... I wouldn't agree... but I'm actually getting sleepy
o0jahrah0o: G'Night

nocturnal_bloodfeast: good. my work here is finished
nocturnal_bloodfeast: be well

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