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Surveys and an update...

HA! He called first, but he acted as if he didn't really know why I haven't called. Why would I not call? Prolly because we had a fight? Duh. Then he kinda ignored me on the computer for 2 hours and then wondered why I didn't want to do anything but go home? Oh i dunno... think about it genius.

But its okie dokie now... I'm in a great mood because HP&tPoA comes out TOMORROW! -joyful joyful dancing- I cannot wait to go see it. I'm so excited to do so!


Ganked from Ryan's journal, tehjunomaster

1 - First game you ever played - That's a hard one. Probably Pong. (Atari)
2 - Last game you played - Baldur's Gate (PC)
3 - First game you ever beat - Wheel of Fortune or Anticipation. Not quite sure. (NES)
4 - Last game you have beaten - The Legend of Dragoon [I think] (PS1)
5 - Favorite genre - RPG... Hands down. Plus a little shooter in between.
6 - Least favorite genre - Racing minus Mario themed ones.
7 - Favorite underrated game - The Legend of Dragoon (PS1)
8 - Most loathed overrated game - FF7 (PS1)
9 - Top 3 male characters - Link (TLoZ: OoT), Dart (TLoD), Ness (Earthbound)
10 - Top 3 female characters - Samus Aran (Metroid Prime), Rose (TLoD), Elise (SSX Tricky)
11 - Top 3 villains - Ganon (Legend of Zelda series), Sorceress Edea (FF8), Lloyd (TLoD)
12 - Favorite soundtrack - Smashing... Live! (SSBM, GCN), Metroid Prime (GCN), SSX Tricky (GCN)
13 - Favorite special attack - I can't remember the name at the moment, but I'll fill this in when I get the Blue Dragoon on TLoD.
14 - Favorite weapon - Samus' Ice Beam (Metroid Prime)
15 - Favorite scene - The Sorceress' Parade (FF8) and each of the Dragoon transformations (TLoD)
16 - Favorite ending - The death of Metroid Prime (MP, GCN)
17 - Favorite intro - Samus Aran (Though I have seen Viewtiful Joe) in MP (GCN).
18 - Favorite multiplayer (3 or more) game - Super Smash Bros. Melee
19 - Best plot - Chrono Trigger/The Legend of Dragoon
20 - Game you've been thinking about a lot lately and want to replay - The Legend of Dragoon/SSX Tricky
21 - Game you've always wanted to play but haven't got the chance to - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (XBox)

Ganked from captfantastic49 and tweaked for me

Dear Reader of my LiveJournal:
In order to serve you better, please fill out the following brief survey. All market research will be used to write more poignant posts to your needs. As always, I refuse to sell your LiveJournals to any third parties. My privacy policy can be viewed here.

Oh, wait...I don't have a privacy policy...except for the fact that I don't sell your LJ usernames to any third parties. Makes you feel silly for clicking now, doesn't it? :-p

Thank you for your time, and rock on!
-AoT Productions.

Instructions: Please fill in the blanks. Thank you!

Hello, I'm _________.

I like _________, _________, and __________.

I dislike ________, __________, and __________.

I am wearing ___________________.

I want Lori to cook me some _________________.

Thunderstorms ___________________.

My birthday is ___________________, and I hope Lori gets me ________________.

A fun website that Lori might like is http://_________________________

I really like the color ________________.

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