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-does the ticket dance-

I got my Harry Potter tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can't tell I'm excited about going to see HP&tPoA this weekend than you just don't know me very well now do you?? ^_^ I'm just so excited! I've been wanting to see this movie since I knew it was even going to be made!! So Saturday at 6:20 p.m. I will be in J-town watching my movie! YAY!

Last thing I want to say is that I saw Ryan, tehjunomaster, today. 'Bout ran him over in the alley-ish way between the Lob and Wal-Mart. -laughs- I was thinking about stopping to get something, but decided not to and was fixing to zip out of the lot and *WHAM* there's Ryan. I was figuring he was either wondering who this crazy person was that was waving at him or he was laughing because I'm such a bad driver. I waved like a mad woman at him... -lol-

That's all for today. The lab closes at 5:00. :D


P.S.-- An icon for all you DDR lovers...


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