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An... Update?

I've been neglecting my journal here lately.  Why?  Dunno really.  I've been tired of it, I guess.  That and the simple fact that I haven't had much to say that wouldn't be repeating myself the umpteenth time...  So what have I been up to lately?  Working.  Skipping out on work.  Leaving at lunch and saying I worked till one.  That sort of thing.  I only do that because I can though.  I don't do it during the school year and I don't do it to a regular job.  I do this because I can.  Plain and simple.  What else have I been up to?  Worrying... but that's a little bit more of a personal nature and I don't really feel like going into that right now.  I've been working on some RP's.  They're getting slow though.  Everyone is busy because of summer stuff and all.  -sigh-  Welp... not much else to talk about right now.  I'm gonna work on some stuff that I've neglected.  Post a few posts and such.  Maybe I'll write more later?  Dunno.  I hope so... :)

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