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Boredom makes me do really weird things... Like Update...

Well... Everyone seems to be making comments about Saturday night so I decided that I'd finally jot down my thoughts about it. 
I had an outstanding time guys.  I really enjoyed playing DDR and all.  It was so much fun.  Hopefully we can do it again sometime.  ^_^  That is... if Matt and Nikki will let us.  Though I'm sure they liked Stephen being over and holding the baby.  Didn't ya? Didn't ya?!  He loves playing with Shanley... and seems to be much better at it than I thought he'd be.  :)  He kept her pretty quiet that, I'm sorry to say that, I almost forgot she was there until I'd look at him and see he was holding her.  -frowns-  It'll still take me a while to get used to having a baby around.  I'm not one who absolutely loves children, ya know.

Anyways.  DDR rocks and Wade and I are TOTALLY addicted to it.  Damn you, guys.  Now we've got to figure out a way to get my Mom to buy it for us.  -laughs-  I don't have any money so that's definately not possible for me.  Once I got used to Brian's pad, it was so easy to play.  I even finally got to using both feet at once.  It'll still take me a whole lot of practice before i'm able to do Light Mode though.  I was having a lot of trouble with Beginner even if it didn't look like it.  My coordination still isn't the best for that game.  But I think that, with a lot more practice, I could end up with much better foot-eye coordination.  Perhaps this would allow me to walk without running into anything?  I hope so...

Other than that, this weekend was okay.  Not too much going on.  I've really enjoyed having my brother home.  We've been having a great time together and I'm totally NOT ready to go back to school yet.  Totally not...  Anyways... I guess I'll go and see what else I can do online before I go home... -sigh-


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