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Okay.  So Saturday I took Wade and Stephen to Jonesboro and we played DDR at Galactic Hurricane for three and a half hours!!!  Hell yeah!  Some of the kids who play all the time even showed us the hidden menus.  There's an alphabet menu that shows all the songs that we like to play at Matt's!  YAY!  Wade and I played End of the Century I don't know how many times!  It rocked.  Stephen's been kicking my ass at the game, but I contribute that to the simple fact that he can walk a straight line and I can't.  Eye-Foot coordination is not my strength and anyone who knows me very well can tell you the same thing.  So right now, I'm sitting here listening to some Jem songs and planning out my next IC post in so_uncanny.  I've got to make one with Quicksilver, silveryblur, that leads Sharon "Cat's Eye" Smith, lavender_feline, to killing one of my Egyptian God People, thegreatennead.  I've already made a post with Rayne, smokeblackmour, and she's blacked out.  Isis was really pissed at her for interfering earlier and was gonna kill her, but didn't get the chance.  ^_^  I love RP.  I just wish I had more time to do it.  And maybe a little more inspiration.  -sigh-  Well... I guess I'll go for now.  I need to hurry and finish so I can go play DDR again at GH!


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