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Stolen from pixienymph again...

the scar you're most proud ofProud of? The scar down my leg from a bike accident
your favourite condimentMayo
if you have frecklesA lil bit all over
your preferred method of cookingOrdering out... but other than that, stir fry!
what shoes you're wearingWade's brown shoes. Wal-Mart Brand
how many children you haveZERO and I plan on it staying that way
the first person you french kissedMy Stephen
your preferred breed of dogBoston Terrior
where you were bornNewport, AR
what colour underwear you're wearingBurgandy
where your keys are right nowRight in front of me, beside the comp
if you have split endsYes... they blow
when you last got laidYesterday
your opinion on airline foodNever flown.
what cosmetic surgery you would consider-shivers- Dunno. Stomach stapling?
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex onI don't wanna think about that...
your worst maladyGotta look 'malady' up first.
if your mum loves your dadYes she does...
if you can sing wellSorta
what your olympic event would beSwimming... or Role Playing
someone you admireMatt & Nikki
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a mapJust about any tiny Eurasian country
the last time you criedYesterday... Stephen doesn't have a good sense of pressure in his hands.
your most interesting sexual congress locationCongress? Wha?
part of the Sunday papers you read firstFunnies... duh.
the languages you speakEnglish, Southern English, Redneck English, A teeny bit of Spanish and Japanese via Wade
the religion you were raised inChristian
if you can draw wellI did at one time...
your favourite photographSome photos of me and Stephen
what you should be doing instead of thisWorking for 2 more hours...


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