llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
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My most favorite station, 95.9 The Buzz, is now 95.9 The WolfWhat the flyin' fuck?

It went from my most favorite station ever to shitty classic country music?!  It wasn't even good country music!  Its classic! 

WHA?!  Please tell me this isn't true!!

This pisses me off royally!!  -cries-  I was happy with things the way they were. 

Where's the information about this?! 

Why did it happen!? 

If anyone knows or finds out, tell me!!!! 

Someone shoot me please.... I'm extremely unhappy now...  That was my favorite station because it played Rob Zombie and KoRn and such.  -cries again-  Now I'm stuck listening to sucky stations....


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