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Nothing much.

HA. My brother finally made a livejournal. How neat is that? I'm just gonna stick up some icons that I have collected here at school and see if he'd like to use any of them. ^_^

There are no credits on these, sorry. I just collect them. The only one I actually claim as mine is the Sonic/Chao one because I made that myself. ^_^

DDR BUNNY - He says use fire - I ♥ Chao - FF Shiva - Setzer and his cards - Another castle, Mario - Gao & his teddy - FFX Shiva - FFX Shiva again - Cosmo for my bubby - Celes tossing her bouquet - Chibi Celes - Aeris - Chibi Rydia - Twisted stickman hopscotch - Link and cuckos - Locke - Anime Rydia - Phoenix - Carebear! - Safety Pins

Well... What's been going on with me? Nothing much. Skipping class. I haven't been able to focus on anything here lately and that seems like the only way for me to recollect my focus. I needed to get away from everything. I'm on campus today so hopefully my brain will finally reboot. I've got to email my teachers and explain exactly why I've missed class though. I'll probably just tell them that "personal reasons" didn't permit me to come to school all week. That's it basically. -sigh- I couldn't focus. I'm feeling better about it now though because I'm fixing to work on some homework and hopefully that will straighten me out. :) I've been playing Knights of the Old Republic when I'm at Stephen's skipping class and we finally found the scrip cheats for him to use. Now he's a lvl 20 Lightsider that is still on Taris. lol. He's not even a Jedi yet. I'm a Dark Jedi. Its pretty cool. I'm trying to fight through a sith base and get something back for the republic, which will undoubtedly get me lightside points, but its okay. I'm too damn dark to go back now. ^_^ Well. Guess I'll go for now. Laters.


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