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Heh... you know my icon. I found the Wonder Woman issue that it came from when Stephen and I went to Jonesboro today. Yeah. We went to JD's Body Art and looked around. After that we went to a few other places then back there. Checked out the Peace Place (awesome hemp jewelry) and Heroes. Its a comic shop for those who don't know. Brian, they're still having Magic tournaments. Just in case you want to know. :)

Well... Stephen got a labret (pronounced la·bret) in his lip. Its cute and tiny. A little stainless steel spike just below his lip. ^_^ I like it.

Okay so school again tomorrow. I was off today for MLK,JR day. Pretty nice to be out. I got two new games too. Harvest Moon (GCN) and X-Men Legends(GCN). Stephen and I played X-men for like 3 hours and the multiplayer co-op is okay. Confusing because Cyclops and Wolverine look just alike on that damn game. I like it though. Haven't played Harvest Moon yet, but I anticipate it to be awesome because the N64 version was sooo awesome.

Well.... guess that's good for now.



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