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Skipping Clinical Chemistry because I was late... Don't really care too much today. Checking my email and stuff before work.


Tired. Went to bed at 10:30 last night but felt sick for part of the night. 'Bout threw up because I got really hot. Not real sure why yet. What else is there to do? All my games are dead and I have nothing to write. Well, not all of them are dead, but I've written and posted for the ones that are alive. Now I wait patiently for others to respond so that I may write again. Its a tedious process this write-wait-write, but I love it. The only bad thing is that I've led my two favorite games into a bad position. I prolly need to write a post with Pixie (and maybe even Jess if I ever see her on) in so_uncanny and yet another with Luna (HFO). The games are moving beautifully or were. Its hard to play with only 3 or 4 people. I've learned this from my Star Wars game (swpotj). I need to finish that log someday. Hmmm. That's prolly my goal for the time I'm out of school and doing my practicum. I have to do my online class anyway, so I might as well do something else. Gives me a reason to spend an entire day online... YAY! I'm sure Stephen will hate that. I guess that means I'll have to come to school to do it. Bah. I won't mind the long drive if it means homework/quizzes done right and quickly though. I still need to do a book report as well. Dammit. I'm not quite behind yet, but it looks as if I'm getting there.

Guess I'll go do something productive now.


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