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Yeah. Got my TB Skin Test and my first HepB Vaccine...

Big needle...

The TB test hurt cause she had to put it under my skin like a mosquito bite. >_< Hopefully nothing goes wrong and my whole left arm falls off. That would be toally bad.

Going to Stephen's tonight to play with him and the ferrets (prolly not in that order) ;). Al's feeling a lot better. He lost so much weight, though, that now he's tiring Stephen out when he takes the lil fert outside to play. Alice isn't enthused much by outside. She's like me and prefers to play inside and at the computer. Lol. She'll play with mommy while daddy plays with Al Fred. My lil Alice Ann... -smiles- I love my ferrets. Really I do. I want a hedgehog too... ^_^

Well... I took an early lunch so I guess I need to get back to work. -sigh- Inventory... BLAH!


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