llewej irol (icarianbird) wrote,
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How is everyone today? I'm good. Stephen helped me stick some 14G rings in my ears. So now I have much larger piercings in my ears... yay. If I get brave enough, I'm gonna stick some pics up, but doubt I ever will. You know me.

My car needs a reverse band. I broke it driving home Wednesday night. Knocked my car into reverse. The shifter doesn't lock when you put it into drive. Pretty dangerous if you ask me. So, we took it to Bradford's up town (where i got the car) and the want to put a NEW TRANSMISSION in it?? I thought it was just the reverse band??? Well, that sucks. Now I'm gonna owe my parents like $300... omg.

BTW... Pixie, where are you? You know, you should up date the game's userinfo so people will know what's going on. I'm trying to do some 'recruiting' and its a bit odd without current stuff.

Got some new icons for Rayne too. I still need to get photoshop. Dammit. I want photoshop.


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