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You really just don't know how bad a week i'm having. Not only have I succeeded in pissing Stephen off yet again (I'm fairly good at that. Maybe it should be a new Olympic event??)

BTW... Here's a quiz!

Even Superman once worked in a team

Take the Cartoon Hero Quiz?.

He's just been Urking me so much this week. It's like nothing I do is good enough for him anymore. He really needs to vent his anger... so much pent up anger. Especially at his parents. *Grrr* I'm just tired of being his vent. Although I can't say too much, he's mine. :D

Ooooh... another quiz!

Take This Quiz!

Find out what anime series you belong in.

I was hoping for Sailor Moon...

I love him so much, but I really don't feel like putting up with his shit at the moment. I've got my own problems as it is. I have no money... I owe the school at least $1,000... my dad wants to quit his job... i NEED a job... shit like that! I mean.. he's mad at me cause I didn't go to town with him to help pick a stain for Al's cage. (Al just so happens to be his new Albino Ferret. He's soooo cute. ^_^ ) Whoa... sorry I didn't want to go back to the town where I've been attending school at all week just so I could walk around with you and your dad for a few hours. I came home to get away from Jonesboro! *sighs and kicks her computer cause it likes to pop on and offline*
Now, on top of all things going bad, Stephen wants his comp screen back. So this means I must find money somewhere for a new one since mine broke! I'm tired of shit happening to me. Stephen deleted me from all my clubs cause we had a fight. *shrugs* I guess that's what I get for telling him my password. who knows?

lol... check this out...

The Greatest Evil...Crossdresser

Find out what Cartoon villan you are.

He hates that I'm in RP groups. I can't help that i like to RP and that being in those groups allows me to practice my writing... which i LOVE even more than Rp-ing! He's just mad cause I've got something that i like doing besides him... *lol* That's pretty much how I see it. He's been neglected all his life by his parents and he doesn't want me to do it to him. Poor Baby... I do love him. I just wish he'd give me a freakin' break!! You can only take so much of just one person. I'm too scared he'd take offense if I told him that though. Poor me.

Oh... well this is nice to know...

Strong, Silent, Baddie-buster

Find out what anime character cliche you are.

Well.. that's enough ranting from me... What else can I talk about? School? It really sucks. I've already skipped one assignment. I'm just gonna tell my teacher that I lost it. I just completely forgot to do it. Stupid me again. I'm just tired of being me. Everything I do is wrong.. everywhere I go I'm bored. Somebody help me!!!

*lol* i like this...


What fuzzy creature are you?

Although I find this one quite odd...

The monkey on the original 1960's Space Ghost.

Find out what secondary animated character you are.

I've got lots of quizzes for you to take now, Steph. Be happy. :D I'm sure I could find a few more too. I've found a guy with lots! I haven't even taken all on this page i'm on. I just picked the ones that I liked. Aren't I just a sweety?! Its getting late, but I really don't give a flying fuck. It was late when I started this, it'll be even later when i finish. I've got so much to say, but the words don't form in my mind. I guess my vocabulary is just not large enough. All I can really say is that i'm tired...Tired of all the shit going on in my life.. tired of all the people. Tired of myself.

So now i finish my entry with quizzes to make it as long as possible!

look at me.. I'm a Gryffindor!

Where do YOU belong?

how funny... I'm Buttercup!

Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

What Was Your PastLife?
You don't know how DISTURBING this one is... *sudders*


Well, you're a slacker. Your greatest joy in life is sleeping, and you try to avoid doing work as much as possible. Others are envious of your talent for skating through life doing only half as much real, actual work as everyone else. You're an expert at talking teachers or bosses out of reprimanding you for your apparent lack of effort. On the upside, you won't have to worry about things like repetitive stress disorder or high blood pressure. Your life expectancy is probably pretty high due to this, not that you'll actually accomplish anything, you damn leech.

Be cool! Take the What Do You Want Out Of Life? Quiz

different test.. same answer.. is there a problem here??

What Spooky Being are You?


I'm a Dandelion! O happy day! Can you smell me? You say my pits stink? Great! You say I'm ugly? Great! You say you have a gun? Great! You gonna kill me? Great! I'm just so god damn happy! Everything is wonderful!
What bloom are you? by Polly_Snodgrass

i had my niche.
intelligent. creative. or artistic.
what kind of child were you?
(brought you by april)

I think I'm finished now.. ; )



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