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I'm having a neat time reading/replying to posts in a group I recently joined.

bad_rpers_suck has been a good outlet for my hate of Mary Sues and missing out because I can't find any new games. I like the ones I'm already in, but I miss my SW games. -cries- I want to find a new SW game so bad!

I may not totally understand what they're discussing in BRS, but I do understand the hate one feels when a good game goes bad because of bad players. >_< I had a great X game on Yahoo turn into bad one-liners and an "orphan adopted into a millionaire family" that owned a motorcycle that was (a) only being run in a limited production number of about 500 and (b) not even out at the time the profile was made. The bitch pissed me off and I've had a hatred of her ever since.

Death to the writer of the X-man called Pele! (Of course.. Nothing against those who write good and have characters named Pele)

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