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Ganked from skaloop

Versus skaloop, I'm pretty tame. :(

Vanilla boy/girl
Grats! You're 46% kinky!
Your kinkscore is around average. Most likely you are fairly accepting of other peoples kinky tendencies, but don't practice them much yourself. Consider trying new stuff to spice up your sexlife if you feel it's necessary ;)

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 26% on kinkpoints
Link: The Kinkyness Test written by nilnisicruce on OkCupid Online Dating

Today is a bad day....

My car has over-heated...
The copier I was using was a bitch to me and the lid kept shutting on my hands as I was adjusting the journals...
I cut my finger open when I slammed it into a corner in the library...
I couldn't get a hold of Stephen to get him to help me. But I did. And now I have to wait on him...
My book report is due Friday and I haven't even started yet...

I'm behind and I hate it.

Today is a very bad day...

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