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Note:  We can't go out anymore because it somehow leads to an argument about the way I've treated Stephen while we were out.

I seem to neglect him when we go out because I'm starving for attention from people other than just him.  Don't get me wrong, I love being with Stephen but I NEED OTHER PEOPLE!!!!!!  I have some anxiety problems, but not enough from hindering me from wanting to actually see other people.  >_<  I CRAVE VIDEO GAME GOODNESS!!!  And my friends allow me this...

And Brian... Sweetie...  You need to check your mouth a bit.  Stephen took that comment 'bout "So I'm gonna have to pay for your ass with my tax money?" very personal.  He's upset about enough things.  He doesn't need you to remind him that he can't work and "Is a loser who leeches off people."  I'd prefer for him to be healthy and happy, not upset because he's either not able to work or that he's a burden on someone. 

I'm kinda bitchy right now because we've been arguing for a while about how much I've fucked up...  Seems like that's all I've been doing for days now.  >_<  I'm tired and almost done with school.  I just need to hold together for another week. 

Just one more week...

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